SET website’s new pages

SETting Up New Pages on the Website     


To keep our friends better informed we have been undertaking some SET website improvements.

The first of these additions involves the SET “Who We Are” page.

Our conscientious and dedicated volunteers deserve to be publicly recognized.  Without them SET would not be where it is today.  Werner Schmidt who gives years of experience in the financial world helps with SET financials, particularly the involved workings of charity returns.  Wally MacKinnon, our go-to technology person helps to implement and install our donor base.  He continues to expand the SET website with creativity and tech skill so that it is attractive and informative.  Rob Porchak, a talented artist and creative strategist, has been with SET from day one.  The initial issues of our SET newsletter, now replaced by the website, Rob designed and formatted. As strategic creative needs arise, Rob immediately responds with ideas and mock-ups.  Writing for SET keeps Heather Barclay busy.  So much good news to announce on the website and in donor communications. Heather also contributes to the design of all SET publications.

At the level of SET membership, Serge Akpagnonite and Angèle Aklah give their invaluable knowledge of education, both in Togo and here, in Canada, within the French First Language system.  Their own experience as highly qualified teachers and principals/vice-principals equips them to give major expertise to help SET teachers teach better. Jean-Paul Kodjo Mlope, SET’s educational mentor gives hours and hours beyond his mandated contract. In every way he is as dedicated to educating Togo’s children as anyone could expect.

The SET Board of Directors:  Don Barclay, President and Anne and Simon Carette–they started it all with the late Bob Barclay ten years ago. They work tirelessly to continue maintaining and growing the vision.

In order that you can learn a little more about all of us at SET, we invite you to look at the new Who We Are page.Please click here to view "Who We Are"

Our second page addition came about thanks to the memorial gift made by loyal friends of SET.

In response to their remembrance of a cherished friend, we have been motivated to create an In Recognition page.  Not only does this new page give an opportunity to celebrate the full life of someone recently deceased, but it also provides space for the recognition of the special achievements of others.Please click here to view "In Recognition"