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There is always lots going on with SET. Posted below are links to some of the notable news and events. You can also find many more interesting articles in our Blog pages.Click Here To Visit Our Blog Pages

Directors’ Trip to Togo: June – July 2022 (Blog Post October 3, 2022)
SET takes its promises seriously. To donors, SET promises that a director will visit its schools once a year. With the exception of one year during the pandemic, that promise has been kept. In 2022 SET President, Don Barclay and SET Director, Simon Carette made the 30-hour trip to Lomé, the capital of Togo. (click here to read more)
Learning to Change the Future – September 13, 2021
Living as we do on a planet with increasing problems, often perceived as insurmountable, we might consider how the Togolese refuse to quit, faced as they are with innumerable challenges. Togolese refuse to quit, faced as they are with innumerable challenges.  When it comes to education for the average child… (click here to read more) 
The ABCs of SET’s Vision – SET’s 2019 Teachers’ Workshop
SET’s 2019 Teachers’ Workshop: How to Increase Literacy with First Graders
Fulfilling its commitment to help primary students “blossom in all dimensions of their lives” SET has changed its focus. Rather than building more schools for now, SET is building better teacher toolboxes… (click here to read more)
CBC TV and Radio Interviews – May 27, 2019
Looks like CBC finds Support. Education. Togo. mighty exciting these days. In three interviews on radio and television (French and English) SET president, Don Barclay and SET volunteer, Serge Akpagnonite talked about the not-for-profit’s work in Togo, West Africa… (click here to read more)
SETting up a New Direction, March, 2019
Prudent as they are with donor dollars, in similar manner the SET directors and associates use time resourcefully. During a one week Togo visit in March, 2019 director Simon Carette and associate Serge Novignon Akpagnonite launched SET’s new direction: to improve the levels of literacy among primary students by investing in teacher training… (click here to read more)
SET for Change, 2018
Directors Anne and Simon Carette traveled to Togo in August, 2018 to review the fifteen SET schools. On this visit, one of many, they observed a disquieting event.“At the end of the school year at public gatherings throughout Togo, the name of each student who has passed the primary school exams is read aloud. Many children are waiting with their parents and the sudden emotion of hearing their name (you pass!), or having their name skipped over (you fail!) is visual and palpable for pupils and parents.” … (click here to read more)
Directors’ Togo Trip 2017

In May, 2017 SET directors, Don Barclay and Simon Carette, took the 29-hour trip to Lomé, Togo. As SET’s commitment to donors, one or more directors visits each year to review SET projects both recent and past… (click here to read more)

Fifth Annual SET Gala, Best Ever – October 2017

Sold out well in advance the Fifth Annual SET Gala raised $55,000, a record profit.  Because of the generosity of guests and donors more than enough money was raised for a Togo school.   After covering the cost of the steel-roofed, solid concrete building money remains for desks for the three classrooms and school supplies… (click here to read more)

Newsletters – Archives: 2013 to 2015

SET published several newsletters each year from 2013 to 2016. In 2017 we began to focus more effort on our website and in 2019 we started to produce Blog entries to take the place of newsletters. Please click here to visit our Newsletters Archive page.