In Recognition

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Some of SET’s supporters choose to make a donation in recognition of, or as a memorial to, a person  special to them. SET is pleased to acknowledge this support on our website. If you would like to consider making a gift please contact SET President Don Barclay and he will be happy to discuss this with you.

In Memory of Ellen Frei:  1933 – 2021
Ellen lived a rich and full life, but it was not an easy life.  As a child, she experienced tragic loss during WWII (Pacific Theatre) and had to endure life as a prisoner.  She made the difficult move to a new country and new language as a teenager.  She dealt with a major health challenge.  Through it all, she took intense and intelligent interest in the affairs of the world and made sure that her family accompanied her.  She taught E.S.L., and nurtured people of all ages and backgrounds.  She would have been delighted to support the education of the children of Togo.

                  From Bob and Elizabeth Kymlicka