2015: Avedze – Democratie – Atiyi


SET’s first interest in building a school here was in 2014, however the site visit had to be postponed to the next year because the road to the village was washed out. In addition to the school build, Ryan’s Well Foundation provided handwashing facilities, a well, and hand pump. Prior to this, there were no water sources at the school; the only well was located 2kms away from the school, and was unusable during the dry season. Avedze is also a distribution site for Sleeping Children Around the World.




This three-classroom school was completed with the help of manual labour that was provided by residents of the village. Some of the desks in the original school were made of palm fronds. The desks were often shared by 4-5 of the 120 students at the school. SET is hopeful that the new school has brought more hope than fear to these Togolese children.



Located 83kms northwest of Togo’s capital of Lomé, stagnant water in the region was responsible for many diseases in the village. The school build was completed in 2015 and, with the help of Ryan’s Well Foundation, handwashing, a hand pump and well was added in 2016 to provide sanitary facilities to the school’s 954 students, who were very celebratory once the project was completed.