2013: Amoussime – Ametonoukondji



Completed in 2013, this school supports some 693 children from the village, which is one of Togo’s largest, with a population of 9,000. The original school—with the signature of one of the two 5th Grade classes along the side of the mud wall—was in extremely poor condition; it had been originally established in 1966. The school was unusable if it was raining and was sometimes destroyed by bush fires. The photo of the desks at the new school are indicative that SET provides desks at each school. This school also boasts latrines and a well, and also runs a food program.

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This school was completed in 2013, complete with a water well, hand pump and handwashing facilities (thanks to Ryan’s Well Foundation) that are enjoyed by 225 students. A grand opening ceremony for the school was held in the spring of 2014, during which SET’s president was honoured with the title of Chief of Togo’s Yoto region.