Completed Schools

While many of our projects are similar in that they begin with an existing thatched-roof school and end with a newly completed brick-and-mortar school building, each project involves different experiences, with different communities, different achievements and different challenges along the way. Most schools we have built were completed on time and on budget within a matter of months.

SET is heartened to have completed thirteen new school builds to-date and two school renovations. We are working with our partners to select the next site for a new school build. From very first our completed school in Agbelouve, we knew that what we were doing was rewarding – not because it made us feel good, but because it made a genuine difference to the children, families and communities of Togo.  

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SET’s first school was built in Agbelouve in 2011. Since that time we have added another 13 schools to the program and now have approximately 5,000 students attending all schools.

The table below presents some general information about each school. Detailed descriptions and photographs are presented in subsequent pages on this website – organized by school year of construction. You can view this information by clicking on the school name and number shown in the map above or by clicking on the hyperlinks on the school names in the table below.

# School Location/Name Year Completed # of Students   # School Location/Name Year Completed # of Students
1 Agbelouve 2011 425   8 Democratie 2015 380
2 Agbalepedo 2012 305   9 Atiyi 2015 380
3 Asso 2012 207   10 Atchanveglo 2016 500
4 Amoussime 2013 410   11 Anofin 2016 350
5 Ametonoukondji 2013 225   12 Kati 2017 535
6 Ataregbe 2014 385   13 Bedjeme 2017 535
7 Avedze 2015 305   14 Adokpoe 2018 400