Our Mission (2021)


Support.Education.Togo. (SET) established in 2011 by four concerned Canadians, aims to improve primary education for needy children in Togo, West Africa by:

  • Building schools to improve access and provide safe environments for learning
  • Supporting teachers in SET-built schools as they work towards quality education and student competency
  • Supporting the ongoing needs of SET-built schools

Local communities are empowered to focus on education by SET projects.  Communities are involved in needs assessment, planning, construction and maintenance of schools.  They are also responsible for helping to support volunteer teachers.  This community engagement sustains projects for the long-term through community ownership.


SET’s activities to improve primary education for Togolese children include:

  • School construction including principal’s office and secure storage area
  • Teacher training and ongoing support for the most important stage of student education: grade 1
  • Supplements to intern teacher salaries
  • Textbooks for teachers, as required
  • School building maintenance
  • Desk provision
  • School supplies, sports equipment, and teaching aids such as:  chalk, wall charts, dictionaries, texts, weight scales, globes


Our vision is to have all primary students in SET schools, starting at grade 1, receive a quality education which will allow them to blossom in all dimensions of their lives.