2012: Agbalepedo – Asso



The second project SET took on was a bit different, as it was a renovation (instead of a complete build) to the Agbalepedo school. Some of the rooms in the existing school were unusable due to deterioration; some of the roofs had also blown away in a storm. Well water, handwashing and latrines were added to the site (thanks to Ryan’s Well Foundation), which is located in Togo’s capital of Lomé, and educates more than 600 students. The renovation was completed in 2012.




The roof for the original ‘apatam’–the straw-roofed school–at this site was maintained with straw that was carried to the site by the school’s students. This, of course, meant that the children were spending time fetching straw, instead of learning in the classroom. Thanks to Ryan’s Well Foundation, the 400 students at the Asso school are able to harvest rainwater and use sanitary latrines.