Changing Togo’s Future

Changing Togo’s Future, One Teacher at a Time

From left an unnamed CP1 teacher, Serge Novignon Akpagnonite, Anne Carette, Simon Carette and Angèle Dadagan Aklah

In August, 2018 SET volunteers, Serge Novignon Akpagnonite and Angèle Dadagan Aklah travelled to Togo.  With the expertise of these two Togolese-born educators, directors Anne and Simon Carette aimed to test the literacy levels of CP1 (Grade One) students in the group of SET-built schools.

The results confirmed World Bank test results, that only 36 per cent of primary Togolese students attain the minimum standards.

To change yet another effect of rural poverty SET began to implement a new vision.  In supporting teachers with ideas for more effective teaching as well as helping to apply these ideas, SET held a teachers’ and principals’ workshop. 

Thirty-seven professionals attended.  Together they developed a strong mission statement around aiding SET students to flourish in their learning.  Each teacher went back to his/her CP1 classroom with ten specific goals related to reading skills.  An example of a goal would be to have each student recognize their written name as well as those of their classmates. 

One workshop group’s vision statement: “To give children in SET schools an effective enough education to enable them to have all the opportunities of life.”


Next steps involve future workshops as well as hiring an on-the-ground Togolese educational professional to encourage and advise these enthusiastic teachers.