Recognition of SET’s Angèle Aklah

Angèle Aklah and SET recognized by Association des enseignantes francophone de l’Ontario

Angèle Aklah, a hard-working SET Associate also has a day job. 

A teacher and a learning coach — known as Enseignante accompagnatrice en litteratie et numeratie, she has an unflinching belief in the power of education. 

“I have always had a world vision for teaching. This view has opened my heart and pushed me to find practises that are adaptable to the reality of countries in the process of development, like Togo.”

Based on her work with SET in Togo, Angèle applied for a grant from the Association des enseignantes francophone de l’Ontario.  Within that application she commented on the rewards of working with the challenges of education that differ so much from what she experiences in Ontario.

Impressed with her commitment, the Association has awarded Angèle a bursary for overseas teacher training.  But, to her this recognition of supporting education in Togo also belongs to SET.

“Given that the grant announcement has been made to all Ontario francophone teachers, so many of my colleagues want to know more about the great work SET does in Togo.”